Load Manufacturing Location Data Instructions

The MAH must load the manufacturing location data to the NHRA-MVC Traceability Hub.

After the MAH is registered with the NHRA-MVC Traceability Hub, the Participation Agreement is approved and all fees are paid; the MAH will be able to use the Login Link to access the Master Data Load function of the system.

Select “Load Your Manufacturing Locations”

The Technical Point of Contact (POC) should use the Master Data Load process to load the manufacturing locations to the NHRA-MVC Traceability Hub. All manufacturing locations that produce prescription medicines for Bahrain must be loaded to the NHRA-MVC Traceability hub.

The Technical POC will upload the list of Manufacturing locations to the NHRA-MVC Traceability Hub so they can be linked to the products they will manufacture.

You must have the following information:

Information Needed Comments
MAH Code Code that was assigned to your company as the Manufacturer
Manufacturing Location Company Name Use the information that was provided when registering with the NHRA-PPR and GS1 as a Manufacturer.
Manufacturing Location Company – Address
Manufacturing Location Company – City
Manufacturing Location Company  – State
Manufacturing Location Company – Postal Code
Manufacturing Location Company – Country
Manufacturing Location Company – Local Time Zone The time zone where the manufacturing location is located
Manufacturer Global Company Prefix (GCP) For this manufacturing location
Manufacturer Global Location Number (GLN) For this manufacturing location

Manufacturing Location Validity Checks

Each successfully loaded manufacturing location will be initially set to INACTIVE status until the verification process can be completed.

  • The NHRA-MVC Team will verify your company and confirm the manufacturing locations in the DUR.

With successful confirmation the status of the manufacturing locations will be set to ACTIVE in the NHRA-MVC Traceability Hub.

Work Flow Diagram