Sign up as an Agent/Distributor

The sign-up process is simple, can be completed in a few minutes.

Where to Start
  • Click – “Sign-Up” on the navigation bar
  • Select User Type
  • Select Agent/Distributor

Each Agent/Distributor will provide information to identify their organization and their Warehouse Management Representative in case the NHRA-MVC team needs to contact the Agent/Distributor.

The NHRA-MVC Team will verify your registration information and send a confirmation email to the contact listed

Technical Onboarding

Each Agent/Distributor along with their Technical Contact (IT Team Member) will need to attend a Training webinar to certify they are prepared to send the proper transactions to the NHRA-MVC Traceability Hub.

  • The Agent will send information records (Transactions) to the Traceability Hub that represent actions commonly occurring in the Importing and Distribution steps of the supply chain.
  • Receiving serialized medicines.
  • Breakdown of pallets into cases.
  • Shipping the products to Dispensers.