Participation Request

All MAH’s, Agents / Importers, and Dispensers (Hospital / Pharmacy / Clinic)  must request participation with the NHRA-MVC Traceability Hub.  We ask this to be sure we can verify legitimate, authorized supply chain participants for the Kingdom of Bahrain.

You will need to provide all required information to identify your organization with NHRA-MVC Traceability Hub. After this information is submitted, you will be contacted by NHRA-MVC Technical team to complete the registration.

Registration is mandatory for all participants and is non-negotiable.

Submit the form below

  • The admin identified will be contacted to finalize the registration.​
  • Your registration will be verified​
  • Your UserID and password will be verified.​
  • Go to and register as your entity (MAH’s, Agents / Importers, Hospital, Pharmacy, Clinic)
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