Registration Process

All Relationship Owners must register with the NHRA-MVC Traceability Hub which includes payment of the registration fees. There are 5 phases to the registration process; 3 are administrative, 2 are technical.
Managed by the NHRA-MVC
1. Request To Participate
  • Review Registration Requirements
  • Collect Required Information
  • Identify Single Point of Contact
  • Registration through Portal
2. Contract Agreement
  • Company and Product Information
  • Single Point of Contact Information
  • Invoicing Information
  • Participation Agreement Submission
3. Validity Check
  • Verify your Organization and the Authorized Approver
  • Multi-step verification process
  • Verify the point of contact listed in your application
  • Process payment
Managed by NHRA's Technology Partner
4. Technical Onboarding
  • System Connection
  • System Testing and Verification
5. Operations Mode
  • Single Point o Contact Information
  • Add or modify partner information over time